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The Pigeon Vaccine Lab
Featuring NuSal KM-1 a New Paratyphoid (Salmonella) Vaccine & KM- PMV Vaccine (Paramyxovirus)
John Kazmierczak,DVM, 568 Grand Ave., West Trenton, N.J. 08628, (609)771-0995, Email:JJK0820@aol.com
  Please read below on the KM-1 & PMV  Vaccines
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Protects pigeons against Paratyphoid disease:

Vaccinated birds were challenged in tests and did NOT get disease (Paratyphoid); also they did NOT shed bacteria (Salmonella).

Unvaccinated birds developed disease (P

aratyphoid) after challenge and shed bacteria in their droppings (Salmonella).

Vaccine produces both humoral (Antibody) and cellular protection.

Safe:  Birds show minimal side effects.

Earlier vaccines depressed birds for up to a few days with occasional fatalities.

Can be given to pigeons 6 weeks and older.

Broad Spectrum:  Contains several recently isolated strains of Salmonella.

Contains strains from racing, show and meat breeds of pigeons.

Contains strains which infect lung, heart, kidneys, as well as the joints and intestines.

Recently developed by Drs. John Kazmierczak and Paul Miller.

Both are lifelong successful racing pigeon fanciers.

Manufactured by ARKO Labs, well know avian vaccine manufacturer.

Contains a patented adjuvant, which safely boosts “vaccine take” and provides a high level of protection.

Extensively tested for safety and effectiveness in both lab and field.

Field tested for years in several pigeon fanciers’ lofts.

Lab tested by ARKO and approved by the USDA.

Licensed by USDA for sale in all states; can legally be sold, shipped and possessed in any state.  Available through our select distributors, listed below.

For more information, please visit: www.pigeonvaccinelab.com or call Dr. Kazmierczak at (609)771-0995.

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