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The Pigeon Vaccine Lab
Featuring NuSal KM-1 a New Paratyphoid (Salmonella) Vaccine & KM- PMV Vaccine (Paramyxovirus)
John Kazmierczak,DVM, 568 Grand Ave., West Trenton, N.J. 08628, (609)771-0995, Email:JJK0820@aol.com
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The Pigeon Vaccine Lab 

Is owned and operated by Dr. John Kazmierczak and Dr. Paul Miller. Their Company in conjunction with ARKO Labs is producing vaccines for the health and safety of racing, homing and fancy pigeons as well as for other pigeon types.

Dr. Kazmierczak is a graduate of Cornell University and is a veterinary practitioner in West Trenton, New Jersey. He is Chief of Staff for the West Trenton Animal Hospital. Dr. Kazmierczak has been racing pigeons since boyhood and has had to date 42 Combine Wins in the Central New Jersey Combine. "Dr. K" as he is known in the local club, has a special interest in both the Gurnay Racing Pigeons, their history and also the Janssen Racing Pigeons.  He has given lectures on Racing Pigeon Health in various parts of the country and is an authoratative figure.  His foremost concern is to promote the sport and the health of the racing, fancy and other types of pigeons.

For more information on Dr. John Kazmierczak, please read the article titled below and taken from the Racing Pigeon Digest, November 1992.

"Dr. John Kazmierczak: Flying Pigeons Is As Much Art As Science"